Reviews of our competitions

We work hard here at Competition Towers to bring you great prizes and regular competitions, and it's always nice to get positive feedback, so we thought we'd share some of it with you. Reviews come from TrustPilot, Facebook and email. Please note reviews come through for prizes won across our iWon platform. Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming! 

I still can't believe that I have won noise cancelling wireless earbuds. I've been entering iwon iwon since 2019 and this is my win. I'm completely overjoyed! My experience has been fabulous, I received the earbuds literally 24 hours after being informed of my win. Thank you to the iwon team - Ruhi, March 2023

I thought I'd give iwon a try. I was surprised to receive an email the following day to say I had WON a fabulous skincare package. I was told to allow up to 60 days for it to arrive. It arrived today so very quickly - Sharon, March 2023

Won £10 gift voucher on a 24 hour competition, massive surprise but very welcome, £10 gift Flexicard, processed really quickly and amazingly easy to use, praise indeed from a technophobe, using it for an Asda voucher, can’t believe I have won been entering these competitions for a couple of years, so don’t give up! - D Evans, March 2023

Entering the "I Won" competitions is so easy & fun to do. Win great prizes for free! I was overjoyed when I received my prize - Woofie Dawg, March 2023

My prize arrived quickly and was pleased with the correspondence. Hopefully have many fun days gaming - Emma, March 2023

I have just won a kids toy bundle. Can’t believe I’ve won something as not very often I win anything. I have 2 grand children 3 & 6 yrs who are going to be very happy with their nanny. Definitely keep trying to win as you just never know - S Young, March 2023

I've been doing these competitions for years and never won a thing.....until today when I was delighted to win a £100 shopping voucher. Absolutely delighted. I'll certainly keep entering. I had my prize within a few hours of being told I'd won and what I had to do to claim my prize - Helen, March 2023

I couldn’t believe that I had won a timbertots bundle. First thing I have won in over 40 years when my last prize was a towel! My 2 year old granddaughter will love it. Thank you - Sandra, March 2023

Quick and easy to enter competitions daily. A nice selection of prizes. After a number of years I finally have won!! - Lorraine, March 2023

I enter lots of daily free competitions on this site it’s so easy to do, and I’ve just won 4 tickets to diggerland I was emailed to inform me I had won and the tickets was posted and arrived within the week. I’ve only been entering the competitions for the last month so I’m over the moon, great easy free competition site. I have also seen places to visit I have not seen before and products I’ve added to my Amazon basket - will defo be entering more often - Carrie, March 2023

Thanks. Delighted with my gift voucher. Never win anything and was a lovely surprise - Livandbrad, March 2023

I had won a £25 gift voucher. When I received email notification about my win once I had claimed my prize within about 5 minutes I had received an email with my voucher. Definitely worth entering competitions - Sharon, March 2023

Fantastic. Loads of prizes to be won. Something for everyone. Easy to enter and all for free. I won a £50 voucher for childrens clothes and have one very happy grandchild. Join in you have nothing to lose and a lot to win - Patricia, March 2023

Been entering these competitions for years now and all of a sudden I won. Yes you really do win on these competition sites - Darren, March 2023

I never thought I would actually win a prize, so it was quite a surprise when I received the email. I can't pick any faults in the way I was dealt with. I was kept up to date by email with all developments and my prize arrived very quickly. Definitely worth entering the competitions and taking a chance, especially since they are free! Thank you! - Adriane, March 2023

Brilliant! I won Neighborhoodies game for my little girl. It was a great little treat, when times are hard. Competitions are easy to enter, and they have offer codes available, for a great selection of sites - Sam, February 2023

I'm very grateful to the team at iWon for the gift set of quality chocolate, candle and Prosecco from Love Cocoa which arrived on Valentine's Day. It was a lovely prize and appreciated both by me and its eventual recipient! The great thing about the prizes on offer is that they often make perfect gifts - either for yourself or for other people. This is my first win through the site but it had brought me into contact with a variety of brands and gift ideas that I would not have known about otherwise. The competitions are straightforward to enter and it was easy to claim the prize I won. There's a big variety of prizes on offer all the time, so there should be something that will appeal to you - Ian, February 2023

My review would be that I enjoy doing these competitions they are easy and fun, took me a while to win something, but will continue playing. Prize payment was very prompt - Julie, February 2023

I have entered lots of competitions . I tend to enter in the evening when watching TV. I have won a few times . The latest one is a With Love cookiegram from Message Muffins. Both iWon who notified me of my win and Message Muffins who provided the prize were very efficient. I received an email from iWon to ask permission for my details to be forwarded to Message Muffins I gave permission and I received an email for Message Muffins the next day. I received my muffin the following day (today). The whole process was really easy and the customer service from both companies was excellent. I am looking forward to enjoying my muffin later on - Susan, February 2023

I have finally won a prize. Have been entering everyday for about 9 months now. Just goes to show that persistence pays off. Thank you very much for my win - Janet, February 2023

I was somewhat dubious but thought I'd have a go as you have to be in it to win it. You clearly choose the cookies you allow to minimise sharing information. You also choose which prizes to enter the draw for. I enter every evening whilst I'm watching TV, it costs nothing and it's really easy. I've just won my first prize, a whole month with an online personal trainer! Sign up now to be in with a real chance of winning - Mrs Baker, February 2023

I won a box of cat food! Arrived very promptly and lots of goodies, thank you so much, I just wish you could have included the gorgeous kitten that advertised it! Thank you so very very much, it will be much appreciated - Jennifer, January 2023

Thank you for the lovely Bounce protein balls very tasty and chewy came very Fast after I claimed my prize - Julie, January 2023

I have been entering these competitions for over a year now and so pleased to say that I finally won. At the end of the day the competitions are free to enter, so with some perseverance and patience, it does pay off. So today my prize of ‘Weird Things Humans Search For’ arrived. I would just like to say thank you to everyone involved in arranging these competitions and good luck to everybody entering. Keep going as you could be the next winner - Vagelia, January 2023

I was so happy to hear that I'd won a competition ( a Treasure Bot) on this site after entering every day for a considerable amount of time. It was a great start to the new year and proved that people really do win! I shall continue to have my fun entering. It can be as addictive as gambling yet costs nothing! - Amanda, January 2023

1st time i have won a competition and my Grandson is going to be so happy when he see's it! Happy days! Thank you so much - Sue, January 2023

I’ve been entering comps on the sites for over a year with no luck. Recently I’ve been reducing the number that I enter & even considered completely stopping. So it came as a pleasant surprise when I received an email telling me that I’d won a Blink Video Doorbell. It arrived within 5 days of being notified as well - Tony, January 2023

Won a prize of a book. Having claimed the prize, I was contacted for me to supply my details. Supplied these, and all went smoothly, with the parcel arriving early January. As the claim occurred just before Christmas, and with postal strikes ongoing, I thought the responses were extremely speedy - Ross, January 2023

Thank you for my recent competition wiin of Cry Baby Dolls. My 3 year old granddaughter is over the moon…I’ve been dedicated to all of your free entry sites each day, and as this is my 2nd win in 3 years (£50 harvester card) will continue to enter as it's so easy even if you don’t win…..great site…keep up the good work - Dee, January 2023

Thank you so much iWon iWon for my £10 gift voucher. I was delighted to be informed that I had won this. This is a great free competition site. I chose Asda for my gift card. I will use this along with my Blue Light card, my Health Service card and Asda Pounds not Points ap and this will save me a lot on my weekly shop. Thank you again - Jane, January 2023

Received my prize today of the ministry of soap fab prize and smells amazing can't wait to try these soaps out so many great prizes on here - Kelly, January 2023

Fantastic, I won a voucher for Boots on the 1st of the month, received the voucher straight away, ordered the goodies online at Boots and they were delivered to my door on the 7th, cannot fault them - Laura, January 2023

I won another prize! My friends kids are going to be so pleased with the Zimpli kids bundle. I just love these freebies - Jackie, January 2023

Received an email to say I won a prize. which is great news as I only spend 10-15 minutes a day on the free competitions. I will write another review when I receive the prize. Thank You - Kevin, January 2023

Wow! I couldn't believe I had won a prize - Wireless Speaker, Wireless Headphones and Screen Cleaner! I was emailed to say I had won and communication was great throughout. Thank you so much - Carol, January 2023

Easy to enter free comps with a good chance of winning prizes I highly recommend this site for all your comping needs - Martin, January 2023

Was really happy to get an email saying I was a winner and information with regards to my prize arriving was helpful and kept me in the loop.Thank you - Saffron, January 2023

I was delighted to have won an interactive dog toy in your take a break clicks. I enjoy doing the competions which are easy and fun to enter - Jayne, January 2023

Won a Amazon echo. Never won anything before I'm over the moon. Couldn't be any easier to enter these competitions - Teresa, January 2023

Only takes a few minutes to participate. Great range of prizes. Won a prize in December, was sent to me very quickly - Cheryl, January 2023

I discovered this site a few years ago and diligently entered lots of different draws to win items that caught my eye. It looked genuine and I thought I had nothing to lose but a little of my time if I didn’t win. Over time I got a bit lazy and didn’t enter so many, gradually stopping for months on end. I restarted in November/early December and much to my surprise got an e-mail mid/ late December saying I’d won. It really cheered me up because I caught Covid, my husband also tested positive the next day so our Christmas plans with family and grandchildren were cancelled. I was kept informed of what would happen, roughly how long things would take and as promised, completely free of charge a box arrived on my doorstep with my winnings. Five boxed games. This really works and in my opinion is well worth a few minutes of my time. Thank you. It really made my day - Tricia, December 2023

I received my prize today - 11 days after I was informed that I had won - even including Christmas and postal strikes I think this is brilliant service. I won an expensive set of Clixo - magnetic building toy, which will make an excellent present for my Grandson. This competition is free - there are loads of prizes from books to £150 gift cards. It takes just a few minutes each day to click on the items you would like to win, no ads, no cost. What's not to like - Ruth, December 2022

What a great site I've only gone and won, I won a Puffaboo Elephant and a Smoothing Heart Panda with sounds & Heart beat. There's lots of different items to win every day. If you have a spare 5 minutes why not join it's so easy just press enter on which prize you would like to win and your in with a chance Good Luck and Merry Christmas to all - Julie, December 2022

I cannot believe that I won a prize, I now have a game for Christmas to play with the family. From making my claim I only waited a few days before it arrived despite being told that it could take 30 days so a very big thank you. Excellent result - Audrey, December 2022

I love entering competitions and never thought I would win! Then I got the email to say I had won, I've never been so happy to win a bag of cat litter before. I wanted to wait until the prize arrived before I left a review and I'm glad I did. I've just opened the box and it also had a tub of litter freshener In. Thank you so much! Great communication and so helpful, any questions I had were answered and I felt very relaxed about the whole experience. Thanks again! - Pippa, December 2022

I was delighted to win a prize! I won a wonderful box full of Elf on the Shelf prizes that my nephew is going to be thrilled with :) I love this site as its so easy to enter, once you’re logged in, you just click on all things you’d love to win, so simple, then just check your emails to see if you’ve received one for Georgina. Its great that all of the comps have different end dates too. So pleased with my prize! - Lee-Ann, December 2022

Easy to do competitions. I won a Whitstable Pearl DVD which my boyfriend had recently been talking about, saying he wanted to watch it. It's now going to be an extra Christmas gift for him - Ginny, December 2022

Delighted to win a prize - a Dino Ranch, which looks a lot of fun and I am sure will be much enjoyed by a youngster. It didn't arrive within the suggested timescale, but my query was dealt with on a Sunday (very impressed) and I received it as soon as possible after that (allowing for the post strike). Many thanks! - Pam, December 2022

Firstly I been on this website (& sister sites) for about 2 years. I have won three times. It is free, the money comes from the adverts on each page. Sadly it does take time to click on every prize you like the look of, but that's the point, because every time you load the page, it's showing adverts which funds the entire thing. So if you are unsure don't be. 1. It's free 2. You can win, but it is still a lottery of prizes. 3. It is useful to have a powerful computer and decent internet, it can take a while to complete everything on a daily basis! 4. Yes, for better chances, you do need to enter everyday. 5. Prizes sent out are free, you don't even have to pay postage - Matthew, November 2023

I saw I had won (could not miss it), claimed and the gift voucher email arrived within half an hour. Amazing turnaround, thank you - Helen, November 2023

Fantastic site, easy to filter to specific competitions and there’s definitely something for everyone. A lot easier to navigate than other comp sites and not over intrusive with ads - Ray, November 2022

Have been entering their comps for about 2.5 years and had 3 wins to date. Claiming is efficient and straightforward. No problems whatsoever. They arent lifechanging prizes but if you dont mind taking a little time in simply entering the various comps then why not - Dee, November 2022

i never thought i would ever win a prize on here but i did the walking dead dvd so very happy great competions every day which are free sio very happy and georgina who contacted me about my win is very helpful and nice wee early xmas present lol - Donald, November 2022

I was informed I had won a prize, the process to claim it was easy and efficient even though an outside agency was involved. I was very impressed with the system. I participate in the comps most days. Thanks for being there - Sylvia, November 2022

Really thought I would not win anything, after trying for so long, but will be looking forward to a trip to the Festive Gift Fair. It just proves anything is possible, given time - John, November 2022

Great prize competition site, I definitely recommend it after (I WON) - Christina, November 2022

Prize arrived quickly can’t wait to watch it - Sarah, November 2022

It was a great surprise to learn of my win and it was very easy to claim it. Great communication throughout - Arthur, November 2022

I just love doing the competitions, with the hope of a win, but it’s not really about the win it’s the fun I get from it, it’s a great way of relaxing for me - Mrs Thorne, October 2022

Great value prizes and when I won I was contacted my email to confirm delivery details and my prize followed a couple of days later - MB, October 2022

I have been using the site, and the associated sites for a while. It's a great way to enter competitions without the general spam associated with some other competition sites, and is completely free, not matter how many competitions you enter. They are easy to use, you choose which competitions to enter and if you're lucky enough to win, you get an email notification! I have just had my first win - Josh, October 2022

I have been entering these competitions for about a year without any luck until last month! Wasn't quite sure how claiming the prize would work but it was really simple and the communication from Georgina was amazing. I have received my prize today, in perfect condition. I won a box of GEOMAG. I am a teacher and will be giving this to my class as a Christmas present. They are going to love it. Perfect for learning about magnets, great for thinking skills and perfect for developing their fine motor skills too. A super win that will benefit many children for years to come - Ria, October 2022

Have been on this site for a fair while now, check every day.have won twice (thank you G & all of the team), only takes a couple of mins to check, so worth it & you never know your name might come up more than the once. It is seamless to claim & if there is a problem G & the team are very helpful - Brian, October 2022

Taken me a long time to win on this FREE to enter prize draw website but I think it was worth the wait, I won a set of three Reed diffusers, I'm using 1 & plan to give away the other 2 as gifts!!!! - Joe, October 2022

Wow, just won my second prize with this great draw, £40 of Meatiful Dog Food. I have decided to donate this to Exmoor Zoo & have delivered it to them today. Top marks for a great competition site, well worth joining - T M Burke, October 2022

I've been participating on the site for a few years now and was surprised when I received an email from Georgina advising I'd won a prize. The site is really helpful in bringing up possible items of interest and I've used it for that purpose on many occasions. I await my prize arriving, which should be very shortly. There's excellent communication from the team and plenty of chances to click on a prize item of interest. I would also like to add, that response time to my email enquiries is absolutely phenomenal - David, October 2022

Amazing I’ve won just in a space of a few weeks!! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve won 4 VIP tickets for the circus!!! Which I’ll use for me & family. I highly recommend this website - Brown Suga, October 2022

This site is first class, a lot of fun,and so easy to take part in. If you are lucky enough to win one of the prizes they make claiming the prize straightforward. The Click and Win concept is a blast,I would genuinely recommend this company - Martin, October 2022

I have been doing the daily chance to win prizes for quite some time, and complete the only things that interest us. This is the first time we have won but it is free to enter every day so it is no trouble at all. I was informed 2 days after the expire date. I have just been informed that it will be delivered by Hermes. I llok forward to hopefully win again - Brian, October 2022

I got notified that I had won a £25 voucher by Georgina - she explained that I had the option to swap it out for a “Flexi Card” if I would rather. After confirming I would appreciate swapping it out within less than 15 minutes I received my voucher. Great communication, great service - will definitely continue entering these competitions. Highly recommended - good luck everyone - Russ, October 2022

I've been entering these competitions for a few months and won a fabulous prize of weekend tickets to the Kite Festival, we had a wonderful time. Thank you. Georgina is very helpful and always emails back promptly. Have a good day all - Davies, October 2022

Thank you for the prize received today. (Geomag Construction Set Glow). It was a lovely surprise when I got the email saying I had won - A Smith, October 2022

I am really happy to have won my video, and I cannot wait for it to arrive, thank you so much I have been entering prizes for some time, this is my first time winning anything - Thomas Lamb, October 2022

I was told that I have won "The Tigers" DVD and I had to claim my prize first and it was not difficult. It arrived a lot quicker than expected. Many thanks - Kobekko, October 2022

I won my first prize within about a month of playing it. What more can I say ... Five stars. There are some really cool and unique items, and the gift cards are my favourite - Joe, October 2022

I couldn't believe it when Georgia emailed me to tell me that I had won prize. It was only my second day of entering the competitions - Tracey, October 2022

I have been lucky enough to win two prizes so far. It is free to enter everyday. Prizes are delivered free. You can enter for as many or as little prizes as you like each day. I would recommend this site - Hevs, September 2022

Fun site where you get daily chances to win prizes and yes you win i just won a blueray DVD great comunication easy to take part and very simple claim procedure if your lucky enother to win, i will continue to enter the comps - Stephanie, September 2022

My mum won a pet hamper from here but she doesn't have any pets. She asked if it could be sent to me as I have a pet dog, they kindly obliged. Unfortunately, the first hamper got lost in the post so they sent me another one very quickly. The quality of the items were amazing. My dog couldn't believe her eyes (or mouth) as there were so many treats and toys in the box. All of the prizes were brilliant quality and my dog has loved every one of them - Rhiann, August 2022

Great site and doesn't inundate you with emails. I've just won a book and won a DVD a while back. Previously I won a overnight hotel stay and tickets to a comedy show in Bath! Can't complain for something that is free and takes up little concentration! - Redsigner, August 2022

Great site, no spam or adds and totally free to enter competitions. I won a £50 Clarks gift card which i requested to trade in for a gift card of my choice as it was eligible to be switched out. The customer service team was lovely and contacted me right away with the link to choose which card i would like instead. Found it via pick my postcode and never held out any hope of winning anything but to my surprise I did. Very happy. Thank you very much - Hayley, July 2022

I won a £10 flexy voucher. Very happy and appreciated. Great comp site and use daily. Easy to enter. Nice to win something. And definitely have to be in it to win it! Great choices of prizes to win. Communication was great. And recieved voucher straightaway. Thankyou - Jennifer37, July 2022

I won a great game called Bumfuzzle and I received it very quickly after being informed that I'd won. I will keep this for Christmas to play with the family. I love the iWon iWon website. It's so easy and therapeutic to use and everyone has the same chance of winning. Brilliant! - Moira, July 2022

Now this is what I call customer service! I found out I'd won a prize via email so claimed it and within minutes I had the gift card email in my inbox. And all the better as its free to enter! Thanks Georgina! - Alan, June 2022

Very good won 50 gift card and don't even use the site that much - S Burns, June 2022

After entering IWcomps I have been lucky enough to win the FABULOSA bundle. I received my parcel on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised with the array of goodies. Not just for cleaning the house but shower exfoliating gel too plus body spray. Love all of fabulosa products so was really chuffed to win this. Thank you IWcomps - Catherine, June 2022

Great to hear today that I'd won a flexi e-gift card. speedy response to claim - Fiona, June 2022

Excellent service and easy to claim my prize. I had an issue with my gift card for Naked Wines but Georgina was very helpful and quick to sort it out - Brian, June 2022

Very happy to win a games bundle for the children. Easy to enter and prize arrived promptly - Eileen, June 2022

Had a couple of great wins and always received in no time gives me something to do on a boring night and even better that it's free - Hayley, June 2022

Great site. The competitions are easy to enter and I have won a few times already. The prize arrived within a week and was securely packaged. Thank You. - Genuine Customer, June 2022

Great free prize draw site, easy to use, have played for quite a while and have finally won. Prize arrived quickly, wrapped in fully recyclable packaging, very happy - Clare, June 2022

Excellent site easy to enter, lots of great prizes. I have been very lucky to win. I am very happy - Cathy, May 2022

Great prizes, something for everyone. Very easy to enter - Denis, May 2022

I enter the competitions daily, great prizes and great fun. Love the anticipation of winning, free to enter too - Justine, May 2022

A good competition site. Just recieved my price, it was exactly as described. I am very pleased - Happy, May 2022

Just won tickets for the Foodie Festival. This is an excellent day out for all the family. Can't wait til it comes around - Mr Carlin, May 2022

Easy and free to use with an opportunity to win cash prizes and competitions. No reasons why nobody should be playing on this site - Andrew, May 2022

Interesting prizes, good fun - Richard, May 2022

I’ve just won and received my Sainsbury’s £50 e-gift card. I’m so pleased. It couldn’t have come at a better time as we have both been unable to work due to Covid - Maia, May 2022

I am really happy I won the SO Slime DIY Mix'in Kit. My children are having fun with it, we are all excited and it was very easy and straightforward to enter to win prizes. I am looking forward to win more prizes - Okundolapo, May 2022

I won a comp, fantastic!! So easy to enter Really delighted, arrived soon after.. Chuffed to bits - Trevor, May 2022

First time I have won anything was really surprised!! after claiming my prize it arrived in a few days - Deborah, May 2022

I don’t often win competitions so was really pleased and shocked when I won the steiff pipsy chick. It arrived this morning and I only won it last week. Very good service - Katie, May 2022

My prize arrived in a few days of wining. I am enjoying eating the Porridge. It makes it a different type of prize that is full of interesting flavours - Geoff, May 2022

Thank you so much, my first win and contacted and received the prize within days. I am still stunned as I usually don't win anything! - Mary, May 2022

This is my second win in 2 years, only small prizes bur grateful to win anything. So easy to enter and fun to do - Pam, May 2022

First time I have ever won anything love doing all the prize games - Patricia, May 2022

Excellent site. Lots of lovely prizes and free to enter - Maureen, May 2022

Great site, plenty of competitions and lovely prizes - Janice, May 2022

I was very happy with the service after I was a lucky winner. Prize was delivered within days of the win - Gillian, May 2022

Fantastic site with lots of free competitions to enter, couldn't believe it when I won four games from Ginger Fox, am continuing to enter more competitions in the hope of winning more prizes. Thank you very much for the speedy delivery - Christine, May 2022

Really happy to have won 3 books as I am a bit of a bookworm. Thanks - Liana, April 2022

Fab site with lots of great competitions. I have won in the past and received fab service from them so I know they are all genuine! - Alexandra, April 2022

Fantastic site. Really fun, and I won! - Tracey, April 2022

I love this website as lots of competitions to enter on 1 site. Never win anything until last week when they notified me that I had won a board game Flip frog. Over the moon to have won - Susan, April 2022

I won a prize, what a lovely gift to give to my granddaughter, she’s thrilled . I love click n win prizes - Dee, April 2022

Great free competition site, easy to enter and genuine site with real prizes and great online support when needing help with the site.  Would recommend have just won a food prize and will keep entering in the future - Lisa, April 2022

I was fortunate to win in a competition that I entered because I thought the prize would be just right for a not quite six year old Grandson - BH, April 2022

Did not know if this was a decent competition site. Gave it a go and lo and behold, I won a prize. Good selection of prizes to be won on a daily basis - Campbell, April 2022

I was beginning to doubt how genuine this site was but my faith is restored after about 3 years entering nearly every day I won a prize. Thank you and I will keep trying to win the next prize - Gandalf, April 2022

I won a gorgeous soap hamper,my girlfriend was thrilled with it.highly recommend this site and Georgina who sorted out my prize was lovely - Anthony, April 2022

I really love this site, it’s easy to use and the daily reminders are a god send, I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple of items, so will continue to use and I always recommend to my friends - Emma, April 2022

Spend some of your spare time entering the FREE draws (with a morning cuppa in hand works for me!) and you really can win some great prizes. Georgina broke the news and kept me up to date on the delivery of my new UFO Storage jar. It’s great, thank you - Wendy, April 2022

I won a studio creator kit and it arrived .. I will have 1 very happy granddaughter. Thank you. Was kept up to date with delivery and it has arrived within the week - Tracy, April 2022

Genuine site and my first ever win always a good variety of prizes to enter - George, April 2022

What a wonderful suprise to win a set of three books on the website. Its so easy to click daily - J Francis, April 2022

Genuine site… just won my first prize on here! Quick and friendly customer service - Jenny, April 2022

Great, free site & yes, you DO win! Many thanks for my £15 Dorothy Perkins gift card winnings (& for kindly switching it to a £15 flexi-card!) - Paul, April 2022

Great competition page - and even better winning prizes! Simply fabulous - Catherine, April 2022

This site is fantastic, it's not often you a chance to win a great prize, for doing nothing more than clicking a link?! I've been lucky enough to win, and the prize is sent really quickly. I check it every day, definitely a worthwhile use of your time - Laura, April 2022

I was lucky enough to win one of the competitions and received the prize of a toy bundle about 2 weeks later. I'm super pleased with my winnings and very thankful to be this lucky - Sarah, April 2022

This is a genuine site - lots of prizes and free to enter, I have just won for the third time so can vouch for them. Very good communication also :) - Caroline, April 2022

Won a vegan chocolate hamper recently. Georgina the lady who liaised with me about the prize was lovely and it has turned up really promptly and exactly as detailed in the competition - Denise, April 2022

I was informed on 28th March that I had won a scrummy Enjoy Hamper. I immediately forwarded on the details which Georgina requested and she confirmed the prize would come direct from Enjoy. I could not believe it when the hamper arrived today - just 3 days after being told I had won. What an amazing service and the hamper is all had hoped for and more. Easter has come early for me. Thank you for such an amazing prize and competition site - Mary, March 2022

I was lucky enough to win a book and was informed straight away and within 2 weeks received it. The site has so many prizes on offer there is sure to be something for everyone and it is a fun place to try and win - Helen, March 2022

Just found out that I have won a prize, thrilled as I have only been entering comps on this site for a short time. This a great site, very easy to use and very quick to enter on a daily basis. Communication great very quick to respond. Definitely recommend - Christine, March 2022

Plenty of different comps to enter,and if you win Georgina tracks you down with the good news - Nigel, March 2022

Never thought I'd win anything, but I did! - Marty, March 2022

This is an excellent giveaway site with some excellent prizes - Nigel, March 2022

I love my prize. It was such a lovely surprise to have won something. It was so easy to claim & the whole experience was very pleasant. Thank you all so much - Isobel, March 2022

They say you don't get something for nothing but on these sites you do! Competitions are free and only take time to enter. Choose the prizes you're interested in, click and hey presto you're entered, there is a bonus conpetition in that if you click on and enter 7 comps on each site per day there is an extra prize to win. Claiming your prize if you win is easy and arrives not long after claiming.
Go on, give it a have to be in to win
- Safran, March 2022

Won an Annabelle doll which I know a little girl will appreciate and love.Thank you so much great prize, I continue to do the competitions with fingers crossed - Isobel, March 2022

I was contacted by Georgina to confirm that I had won a prize, the claims process was very simple.There are so many competitions to enter from DVDs to garden furniture and everything in between, there really is something for everyone. The process to enter the competitions is also very simple and takes no time at all. The best and easiest to use competition site I’ve been on - Kelly, March 2022

Really easy to enter these competitions. really good to actually win! - Bazan, March 2022

I am delighted to have won a £10 egift card from this site, received in my inbox soon after claiming. I have been a member for a little over 4 years, entering every day in hope of winning rather than expectation. A little bit of good news among all the current terrible news - Sam, March 2022

Won prize within 48 hours of passing details to them got prize quick and efficient - Stefan, March 2022

All free to enter completions on the site. Some high value ones and some low. The prizes run for a fixed time and new ones are added regularly. I won a £25 gift voucher which has already been used by my child. Surprised that I had won as I am sure there are thousands of entries. Recommended for those that don’t want to spend money on the chance they might win. Thanks - Jerris, March 2022

I won a prize - communication was prompt and clear and my prize arrived beautifully wrapped within a few days. Happy to recommend - Jules, February 2022

I received my lovely candles in decorative pots which I have won on the site, love them, just visit everyday lots of prizes to win - Janet, February 2022

Only a member for 12 days when I was told I’d won a case of Nine Bars. Thank you very much - I love Nine Bars! They arrived very quickly as well - Deborah, February 2022

I have been informed I have won some games which is brilliant. My family and I will really enjoy playing them at Christmas 2022 Thank you - Angie, February 2022

I won a fire station for the grandbains just by logging in and enter prizes came through the post in four days enter for more fingers crossed enjoy - John, January 2022

I won a DVD of Dalglish. I enjoy his crime stories very much so was pleased to win one of my favourite series! - Mary, January 2022

I was lucky enough to win a beautiful flower basket from Flowercard, the service from beginning to end was faultless. I would certainly recommend Flowercard! - Christine, January 2022

I have been visiting the iwon competition site since 2019 and have now been rewarded with a £10 gift card, and it cost me nothing apart from a few minutes of my time. I've earned as much in my savings account in the same period, and I have had to put money in the account in order to get it, so I think I will continue to 'bank' with iwon for the foreseeable future, and I'd advise everyone to do!! - Jenifer, January 2022

First, delivery was super-fast, second, customer service was amazing. Third, the product I won was fantastic - Al, January 2022

Just received my Pong Cheeses Hamper, I am so pleased I have won I will share it with family as quite a lot of cheese including my favourite a blue cheese - Jacqueline, January 2022

Just to let you know my prize arrived Wednesday, brilliant service.  So glad I found this site.  Please feel free to post comments in reviews, would really recommend this site - Jackie, January 2022

It was a lovely surprise for me to win something, I am not usually luck! I haven't seen it yet but I am sure I will be happy with the video I have won.
This is a lovely site to play on, it is friendly and fun, cannot fault it at all
- Carole, January 2022

Happy to say I've won something, Been playing daily since the beginning of lockdown and having been busy the last couple of weeks not been logging on every day as normal. So I was over the moon to discover I'd won - Sibble, January 2022

Great free site. easy to enter the competitions and i've just won my second prize. been entering for a couple of years now. lovely communication from Georgina and the team - Kathryn, January 2022

The cost to use this site & enter competition is only TIME,yet some still complain they have not won.A good site with good prizes & if you do win all delivered free.Life is to short to be GRUMPY. Well done to Georgina & the team,thank you so much, small human already enjoying his stuff - Brian, January 2022

A wonderful prize. Your communication was excellent and my prize was delivered in record time. Your choice of prizes on your competition sites are wonderful. How could anybody not want to be involved - Cheryl, January 2022

I wasn't too sure about this site at first, but previous reviews on Trustpilot were very good so, as its free, thought it was worth a try. It is, have won an e-gift card after just a few weeks, not a fortune but it has made my day. Its really worth having a go! - Deb, January 2022

I won a brilliant spice set, easy to claim and arrived quickly. Looking forward to cooking with it - K, January 2022

Thanks guys for picking me as a winner! As I don't have a dog myself the Tasty Bones Festive Chews prize was passed on to one of my friends, who has a Dachshund. He was meeting me for the first time and didn't stop barking (the Dachshund, not the friend!) - until we broke out one of the bones - and he loved it! I'm told he barely left it alone for the rest of the day. The package itself arrived in good time, well wrapped-up and I'm very pleased to have won something (first time, woohoo), and equally pleased to be able to gift it to an appreciative canine. Thanks again for the prize! - Pat, January 2022

Very happy I won a prize after only a few weeks, brilliant start to the new year. Really looking forward to immersing myself in the Van Gogh paintings - Nicola, January 2022

Won a £15 Body Shop gift card. It arrived straight away…such a nice surprise - Jackie, January 2022

I have been doing these competitions a long time. I was glad to have the email telling me I have won. Although it’s only a miniature set of facial essentials, it made me happy. May be in the future I may be lucky to win something special and more value.i very much appreciated the prize and to thank the iWon - Geeta, January 2022

I was really happy to win a prize. I enter every day. There are lots of different prizes so you can just enter the ones you really would like to win. Very fast delivery too! Totally free to enter. Brilliant - Lynn, December 2021

These competitions are great fun and so convenient to enter - Steve, December 2021

I’ve just been notified that I’ve won a Betron speaker in the prize draw. This is a completely free site which gives you a chance to win a prize from items you’ve entered to win. This was a lovely surprise as I’m not usually lucky in competitions - Linda, December 2021

I won a prize, absolutely over the moon. I have complete trust in this site, many different prizes which are worth entering for. Thanks - Rick, December 2021

Easy to enter, I have only being playing for a few weeks and I have already been drawn for a prize, which arrived just a couple of days later. Very impressed! - Zoe, December 2021

I am impressed with this company, the daily competitions are easy to do, fun, and you just might be a winner as I recently was - Martin, December 2021

Love this site for comping won twice from them and the response has always been successful - Hayley, December 2021

I love this site, never won anything before but since I joined this site I have won a snake game now baby shark all good for my new granddaughter - Gill, December 2021

I won on November 18th I won a box of cat treats and some toys snowy love it and she is a very fussy cat but she kept coming back for more well worth entering I give it a 5 star - Susan, December 2021

Worth playing & have been daily Won a prize recently & it arrived today Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange liqueur Merry Christmas everyone - Julie, December 2021

Won a gift card & so easy to enter - Carolyn, November 2021

I entered a competition and won a prize. I got an email to my email and an alert on my account. It was easy, fuss free and there were no issues - Kate, November 2021

I play daily and this week I had to do a double-take when the website showed I'd won. I received my prize the next day. Thanks iwon! Easy to play, and quick to send winnings. Reliable - Lindsey, November 2021

Just want to say a big thank you to the team  - I won a prize a Paddington Bear First Computer and it is great - was received within a few days and as I don't have any young children in my family I gave it to a friend of mine who will be eternally grateful as her little grand-daughter loves it. Thanks again it feels good to win - I am not normally luckyJulie, November 2021 

I have been entering everyday for a few years now. This is second time I have won. You see products you won't see everywhere and it is free - Ann, November 2021

I was over the moon when I won a £20 gift card. It only takes a few minutes a day to enter the competitions and it's great to have a win. The gift card was Sent the same day, very happy - Rosalind, November 2021

Love this site, competitions really quick and easy to enter. Had a prize delivered today. Give the site a go, you might get lucky too - Nigel, November 2021

Quick and easy to enter, good communication and fast delivery of prize - Dave, November 2021

Have used both the voucher and prize sites and have won on both. The emails from Georgia make it feel more personal and relieved my fears it was a scam. Yesterday I won a £20 voucher for the entertainer and within a few hours of getting the email I'd spent it! Brilliant thank you - Matt, November 2021

My prize as arrived today only took a week my nephew will love it thank you - Scott, November 2021

Prize just arrived and I'm loving it, games to put away for christmas. So easy to enter every day. Thank you - Brenda, November 2021

Won a phone tag which is very sturdy. Quick communication & delivery after I won.Thanks - Tina, October 2021

Been on the site for a while entering the wide variety of competitions, I finally won a cranes picnic bundle which is great. And it got delivered within 5 days of winning!! - Rachelle, October 2021

Great prize draw website with lots of different types of prizes. Just had my first win. Hope to have many more! Special thanks to Georgina for her swift response when I claimed my prize - Mary, October 2021

Took some time but just won excellent prize - Alastair, October 2021

Very good took a while but finally won for the first time and great price as well thanks.will recommend - Chris, October 2021

I've been signed up for just over a year, there is always plenty of draws to enter daily and plenty of new ones being added. The owners are always keeping things updated via social media. I got my first win this week, you just have to be patient and keep entering :) big thanks to Georgina as well - Robert, September 2021

Delighted to win a family ticket to the Food Festival. I was so surprised, have been doing this for a while and I am so thankful. All the best to your team - Brenda, September 2021

I have only been on this site for a month and I have just won a £10 Asda voucher yeahhhh so happy love this site I'm so glad I joined thank you so much - Susan, September 2021

Entered quite a few times and so excited to win £15 Starbucks gift card yesterday which was sent to me the next day. Great service and I shall keep on entering - Fiona, September 2021

Only just getting around to writing this but I won a geo safari camera within my first month of entering these competitions and received my prize the very next day!! Amazing - Vanessa, September 2021

Joined this site a couple of years ago and have just won my first prize of an Amazon echo dot with clock.
Competitions on this site are very easy to enter, no cost involved and a variety of small prizes that you could win. You only have to click a button
- Malclom, September 2021

Just won my first prize! £15 Amazon gift voucher. Well worth entering - Christopher, September 2021

Great site with really good prizes. I’ve been entering for just under a month and just won my first prize with them. Great communication from their team - super speedy response times! Thank you everyone for my prize and your fantastic customer service - Billie, August 2021

Won a £30 Gap voucher that I was able to swap out for a flexible-voucher. Really easy to do, with great communication from the team. The site is definitely worth visiting for a few minutes a day for the chance to win a prize! - Jenny, August 2021

Just won a prize - love this site-chance to win many good prizes-looking forward to receiving my prize - thank you - Patricia, August 2021

Great site - easy to use and the chance to win great prizes. Just won £10 gift voucher - very easy to claim - Sylvia, August 2021

I won the Vivid Outdoor Games Bundle which arrived promptly after confirming the delivery details. The package contained a selection of outdoor games and the kids had great fun playing with the games. Excellent customer service and the kids could not be happier - James, August 2021

I have been using this site for a couple of years. I try to enter everyday, but it's not always possible. It only takes a few minutes, so you don't really have anything to lose. I don't expect to win anything, so I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an email saying I'd won a gift card. I replied to the email and received an online gift card the next day - Simon, August 2021

I have been entering the daily competitions for quite some and last week was delighted to find my name among the prize winners. I was contacted by email and my prize was delivered really quickly. Thank you - Joyce, August 2021

A great place to enter free competitions. Its quick and easy to do so, and there are a myriad of prizes on offer - James, August 2021

Only started using the site a few weeks ago and have already won 1 prize. I got a lovely make up bundle which was delivered quickly. Georgina was great to deal with and very helpful. Will keep on entering - Jade, August 2021

It was a total surprise winning a prize only because I have not been doing the daily draws that long - just over seven months possibly - I certainly wasn't expecting to. I know that could possibly annoy some, sorry, but in over 40 years of doing competitions, this is only the third time that I have won something. I received my prize safely through the post, delivered by the Royal Mail. The cushion is lovely and already claimed by my wife! Many thanks to Georgina and the team for keeping me informed so promptly and their assistance in receiving my prize - Jason, July 2021

Been clicking on this site for a little while and won the Spice Kitchen Indian spice tin. The claims process was really easy and my prize arrived today despite only claiming a couple of days ago. I would recommend this site to anyone. Many people think these things are a scam but they are definitely not. I cannot think of a negative! - LKM, July 2021

Brilliant it's the first time I have ever won anything, it's nice to know it works and so easy to claim - Nigel, July 2021

Lucky enough to win a mini fridge. Great communication from Georgina and super fast delivery. Now I just need to transfer this luck onto the Lottery! - Shaun, July 2021

Thrilled to have won a £50 gift voucher. Thank you so much to Georgina and the team - Lorraine, July 2021

Just won a home office survival kit great prize great site - Wayne, July 2021

I recently won a Norfolk Natural Living Massage Oil and got it a couple of days later many thanks - Leanna, July 2021

Lucky winner of a prize and huge thanks to Georgina for coordinating excellent communication and follow up! - David, July 2021

Been playing on this for a while now, all it costs is your time and now I've won, only a £10 voucher for now but you never know prizes could start flooding in. Thanks - Jackie, June 2021

I won a prize and it arrived quickly - Michael, June 2021

Very happy with this free comp site, I don't enter every day but I still managed to with a prize and it arrived in under 1week thanks - Fern, June 2021

Second time I've won, just got my Devon fudge, only took 2 weeks to come. Excellent site, good prizes and it's free - Sid, June 2021

What's not to like. I have been using the site for a couple of years now and have won twice. Takes a few minutes of your time and it's free. Definitely Recommended - Theshed, June 2021

This is the second time I have won through this company, or sister company, Georgina was very helpful in letting me know I had won, very happy - Chamaine, June 2021

Georgina was very helpful in informing me I had won a prize. Very trustworthy company - Natalie, June 2021

I was surprised and amazed to win a prize, I never thought I would, thank you so much - Michelle, June 2021

I have been entering these competitions for years, and was delighted to finally win something! My three young nephews were delighted with their new Baby Shark bath toy, which was delivered very quickly direct to their home - Lesley, June 2021

I was lucky enough to win a competition with this company. Fab communication from a lady called Georgina and the prize was delivered really quickly. Very impressed, thank you very much - Pamela, June 2021

After doing the competitions for almost 4 years I won a Flowercard which was lovely. I had it sent to my Daughter-in-Law. She was very pleased with it. Everything went smoothly and I could have it sent anywhere and at anytime. Thank you for the chance of winning these lovely prizes - Maria, June 2021

They emailed me after I'd forgotten to check the website if I'd won. Really easy and a lot of fun, thank you! - Emily, June 2021

I enjoy this site which gives so many chances to win a prize, I Know just who to give this to and am sure she will have many happy hours completing the different sections of the diary. Thank you so much - N.G. Gibson, June 2021

I won a Rummikub game and Georgina was lovely to deal with when organising the delivery of my prize. Thank you very much - Kerry, June 2021

This is a brilliant site I have just won a ladies watch for just passing a quick 10 mins with my 1st cuppa in the morning. You should def check it out - Karen, June 2021

I have been using this site for a couple of years, it is something to do in the morning and I have just won so I have got a reward at last - Peter, June 2021

I won! Only joined this site a few months ago & I've already won a prize. I won some kids bath products. The prize was delivered 5 days after winning & I didn't even have to pay p&p, the whole thing is free & they have some great prizes plus every day that you enter you get a lucky star, 7 lucky stars gives you an entry to a quarterly (ish) draw for prize bundles valued at £500! What's not to like? - Karen, May 2021

Lots of quick and easy to enter competitions. I won a prize after doing them daily for a few weeks. Was notified straight away and my prize arrived soon after - Julie, May 2021

Woo Hoo! I won a £20 voucher to spend @ New Look. Thank you for the opportunity to win great Prizes! - Graham, May 2021

Fantastic won a unicorn bundle for my daughter. Recieved straightaway lovely prize thankyou very much - Jeanette, May 2021

What a great competition site. I received an email to let me know I'd won a prize and it was delivered to my home two days later. Highly recommended! - Dan, May 2021

Absolutely brilliant, best free competition site ever! - Elizabeth, May 2021

Super easy to use. Great communication when I won. Excellent quality prize, came very quickly and well packaged - Claire, May 2021

I recently was a winner.I was promptly notified of winning the prize and how to claim it.I will keep doing it and recommending it.Everybody can be a winner one day - Martha, May 2021

I won a great prize this week, notification and claiming were fast and easy. There was a problem caused solely by the courier but Georgina sorted it out immediately and efficiently. This is a great site with excellent prizes and service - Cheryl, May 2021

Have been playing these competitions for some time. I won my second prize yesterday. Received my prize today. In both instances i received excellent communication and prize came promptly. Great website and brilliant prizes on offer - Alayna, April 2021

Promptly notified of winning a prize and how to claim it. After providing my details it was soon delivered and I can now enjoy and share my NINE cocoa orange seed bars with my family. Competitions are quick and easy to enter with a good selection of prizes - JL, April 2021

I have been entering these competitions for a while and this is my first win. It was all completed very efficiently and I am delighted with my prize. This is a good organisation and I have recommended it to my friends - Anthea, April 2021

Been doing these for a while , just about to giv